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executebeats, hiphop producer, hip hop producer, execute

Execute is a Hungarian beat maker / producer, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, currently residing in the UK. He began to make beats at the age of 14 and a few years later he came 3rd in a Hungarian Beat Contest. The best way to describe his style is 'sample based soulful boom bap' but he also uses reggae elements, which gives him his unique sound. He worked with some of the local emcees in Hungary and made a few remixes before the release of the 'The Black Dragon' album with Skit Slam in 2015. It was the first album that Execute fully produced. A year later the 'International' (2016) followed it with ScoobRock, and on his most recent EP called 'Around The Globe' (2019) he hosts 7 emcees from 7 different countries. He has also worked with Awon (US), Cymarshall Law (US), Venomous2000 (US), Life L.O.N.G. (US), Mic Bles (US), Imagery (UK), Black Ice Almighty (UK), Prop Dylan (US), Mr Noun (SE), I.V.S.H. (SE), Flow'etic (CH), Ill Pro (NL) and many more...

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